Economic Growth

We Need Pro-Growth Policies

“Conservatives generally agree on the need for policies that promote economic growth and improve the efficiency of the economy. When it comes to clean energy and carbon pollution, conservatives must find pro-growth solutions or risk ceding these areas to others.”

–Alex Brill, research fellow at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) and Editor, Carbon Tax Policy: A Conservative Dialogue on Pro-Growth Opportunities

We Can Boost American Families by nearly $3,000 per Household

A policy that repeals CO2 regulation and replaces it with a revenue-neutral carbon tax is significantly pro-growth, increasing GDP by up to 2.1%, or $2,940 per household. A revenue-neutral carbon tax by itself would still be pro-growth, adding 1.2% to GDP.

“To the extent that a revenue-neutral carbon tax reduces an existing tax that is more distortionary, it can produce a net benefit to the overall U.S. economy.”

–Bob Carroll, national director of EY’s Quantitative Economics and Statistics Group

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