Board of Directors





Jeffrey Williams, Chairman. Mr. Williams served as an investment banker for 34 years, first with Morgan Stanley, then as a Partner at Greenhill & Co. and finally as the founder and Chairman of Jeffrey Williams & Co. He currently dedicates himself to advancing Republican approaches to clean energy and climate change.




William Kunkler, Director. Mr. Kunkler is Executive Vice President – Operations for CC Industries, Inc. (CCI), a private equity firm focused on manufacturing companies and real estate investments. He is also Vice President of Henry Crown and Company, the parent company of CCI.




William Strong, Director. Mr. Strong is the Chairman and Managing Director of the private equity firm Longford Capital Management. He previously served as an investment banker, concluding his 35-year career as a member of the Management Committee of Morgan Stanley. Mr. Strong has been an active Republican, having served in various Presidential and other campaigns over the past 25 years.