About AMS

Alliance for Market Solutions (AMS) is an organization of conservative leaders with experience in business, government, and the intellectual community who know that markets and economic incentives are the most powerful drivers of change and are more efficient and effective than top-down regulation. We aim to educate conservative policymakers on the benefits of market-oriented solutions to one of America’s most pressing economic challenges: advancing clean energy and reducing carbon pollution.

The carbon tax policy we support is consistent with a pro-growth conservative agenda. It would replace costly regulations and prevent new regulations from burdening families and job creators. And it would eliminate economically harmful taxes on investment and family incomes.

AMS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization. We don’t engage in electoral politics on behalf of any candidate, campaign or party. We are recruiting allies and developing policy analyses to help conservative policymakers consider a pro-growth, conservative carbon tax policy.

For a list of individuals involved, see our Board of Advisors.

AMS Board of Advisors